Another classic!

Sense and Sensibility is another classic film I enjoy watching. I think it shows how life then was different from the contemporary world we live in, but at the same time shows not much has changed. We still look and judge people based on their status and decide whether or not we should we associate with them. Sense and Sensibility shows how true love breaks through our man-made barriers, and how we should look at the hearts of people.

Testing the Waters continues in Oceans Deep! Another sneak preview

Best films of all time!

As I sit and watch Gone with the Wind, I remember when I had to read it for school. I don't know how I got through it--maybe because my grade depended on it--but I've got to admit, the story had me intrigued. I decided to watch the 1939 classic film again today. One of the best films of all time!

Back to Life

True Love Series, Book 5 is coming soon! The journey to true love continues with Back to Life; book cover in the making!

Sneak Peek at Oceans Deep! Coming Soon

I can’t believe it! I’m Mrs. Jamal Parker! All I can do is smile as I stare at my ring finger. My engagement ring is a platinum, princess cut two-carat diamond ring. My wedding band is a platinum seven-diamond channel. I loved my wedding dress even though it took me two months to find. I know a wedding is only for one day, but I didn’t want to wear just any dress. I was marrying my best friend. I had waited so long to meet my husband, and it surprised me when it turned out to be Jamal.

My wedding dress was an ivory lace off-the-shoulder mermaid gown. I loved its floor length with a court train and a scoop neckline. I loved the tulle and the flower-laced patterns that run from my shoulders all the way down the train. The way Jamal stared at me as I walked down the aisle confirmed that I had made the right choice.

I am now standing in the master bedroom of a beach house in Nassau, New Providence, the Bahamas. I can’t describe the beauty of this place. I’ve never seen…

Happy New Year!

2018 is here! Don't know what the year has in store, but I'm looking forward to finding out.

The Final Countdown!

Christmas has past and now we're looking forward to the New Year. Do I have a New Year's resolution? No not really, but if I think of one I'll let you know. I still can't believe 2017 is almost over. Time truly flies by, but in spite of the ups and downs, it's still been a blessed year. Happy New Year and see you in 2018!