So this month makes six months of my personal fitness challenge, but I decided to change things up. I tried for the first time this week, Pilates. Yeah... nice idea but it is no joke. On the other hand, I'm starting to like it. It's challenging me in different ways, and I think it's going to take things to a new level. Still going strong over here :)

Nearly there

So... I challenged myself to a full year of fitness. I started in November the week after Thanksgiving, because I didn't want to make another New Year's resolution and not follow through. I've done that too many times already lol. So I'm in month five with seven months to go. Right now I'm four times a week and taking a break on the weekends. I'm nearly there so I'm moving forward! What will I do when it's over? I'll probably start the challenge all over again lol. 👍

Back to Life Cover reveal!


Another look at upcoming Oceans Deep!

Spring cleaning

I took time this past spring break to clean and get rid of old papers, clothes, shoes, etc. All I can say is WOW. There was so much stuff I had to remember where it all came from. It's not over yet; there's more to work through. :)

Another classic!

Sense and Sensibility is another classic film I enjoy watching. I think it shows how life then was different from the contemporary world we live in, but at the same time shows not much has changed. We still look and judge people based on their status and decide whether or not we should we associate with them. Sense and Sensibility shows how true love breaks through our man-made barriers, and how we should look at the hearts of people.

Testing the Waters continues in Oceans Deep! Another sneak preview