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Another Sneak Peek at The Journal!

“Hello, I’m Dr. Peterson. Are you family of Jessica Mills?” the doctor asked.
“I’m her fiancée,” Ethan answered. “This is my mother. Jessica’s family is—”
“We’re here,” a voice called out. Ethan knew it was Jessica’s mother, Mrs. Mills, but he kept his focus on the doctor.
“Well thankfully she has no broken bones considering the severity of the crash, but she has suffered a traumatic brain injury. Jessica is in a coma.”
“How long before she’s better?” Mrs. Mills asked.
“Recovery usually takes times, especially with the sort of trauma that Jessica has experienced. Some people never recover from the vegetative state, while some come out with full awareness. My diagnosis for Jessica would be two to four weeks in the comatose state, though I will warn you, it may be longer.”
“What’s the worst--case scenario doctor?” Ethan asked, as his mother gripped tighter to his arm. He knew she was worried too.
“She’ll never wake up or she could have permanent brain damage, but we’ll cross that bridge if we get to it. There is still hope. I can tell she’s a fighter, since she survived the crash,” Dr. Peterson answered.
Ethan wrung his hands together as he sat in the waiting room of LFM Medical Center. His chest clenched in fear as he pondered her condition. Though he heard the doctor utter the words, his mind refused to believe. Yet, he could not deny it.  
Still, he was grateful Jessica was alive, for it could have been worse. Though he wanted to change what had happened, all he could do what sit in his chair and lean his elbow against the armrest. Then his mind went to the night of their rehearsal dinner and the accident.
 “So you’re going to go through with this again?” Brian, Ethan’s older brother asked.
“Why not?” Ethan asked.
“I don’t know, man. I thought you might give up. I mean Jessica is sweet and everything, but she really came down hard on you after you two split up the first time,” Brian explained.
“Well, as you can see, we’ve worked things out,” Ethan replied.
“Yeah, I admit you two have done that. What I want to know is, are you sure about this?” he continued.
“I love her and she loves me. We’ve been through a lot, but this time it’s going to work. I know it will,” Ethan responded.
Brian nodded his head. “If you’re happy, I’m happy. At least I get to be the best man this time, right?”
“You told me it didn’t matter to you.”
“I know, but you’re my little brother and it would have been nice to be your best man at your wedding the first time. Why did you two have to elope?”
“We had a ceremony when we got back.”
“But you were already married.”
Ethan laughed. “I’m sorry if you were offended.”
“Don’t worry about it, man,” Brian replied. “I’m cool.”
When he heard his phone ringing in his pocket, Ethan quickly answered it. The sound of Jessica’s voice made his hear flutter.
“I thought the groom was supposed to be late,” he said.
She giggled. “I had a late order, so I’m on my way right now. Besides, it’s not as if everyone is there. I’m not the only one left, am I?”
“I think so, Honey. Your sister just walked in I think,” Ethan responded.
“My mom hasn’t gone crazy, has she? She is determined to make sure this wedding is perfect since she didn’t get to the first time,” Jessica replied. “I swear she’s taking over.”
“She just wants you to have the perfect wedding,” Ethan answered.
“She planned it the last time.”
“We were married though.”
“Well, we couldn’t help it. We were young and in love.”
“What about now?” Ethan questioned.
“We’re still young and in love, but I think we’ll do better this time,” Jessica replied.
“I think so too.”
“I don’t know why, but I’m nervous.”
“Why? It’s just us with a do over.”
“I know, but I’m still nervous.”
“Don’t be,” Ethan assured her.
“Okay, I’ll take your word for it,” Jessica agreed.
“Where are you now?”
“I’m about five minutes away in front of Tom’s Burger Joint. Why, you miss me already? I just saw you last night.”
“Just checking.”
“And I love you,” Ethan said.
“I know. I love—”
Jessica was cut off, and Ethan flinched as he heard an earsplitting smash and screeching tires in the background. 

 The Journal (True Love Series, Book 3)
Coming January 2018!
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