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Sneak Peek of The Journal!

Ethan kissed Jessica’s brow as they watched the sun seep into the sea. Sunrise was always beautiful this time of year. The summer breeze fanned his face and he inhaled the refreshing air. Jessica sighed as she lifted her head from his shoulder. Next, she removed her sandals and walked closer to the clear waters of the beach, and Ethan smiled as she skipped rocks across the waters. Her long brunette hair swayed with the wind. Then she rested a hand on her hip. Ethan loved her five-seven frame compared to his six feet. He loved how she would look up into his hazel eyes with her dark brown irises. When she turned and grinned, his heart fluttered. She seemed to walk back towards him in slow motion and when her soft lips touched his, he was grateful they were in a better place.
For five years, Jessica had been a part of his life, and Ethan could not imagine the rest of his life without her. Who could have known the young woman he had met at a coffee shop would turn out to be the love of his life? He recalled walking into Starbucks one brisk morning, in a hurry to order his daily usual. As he was getting ready to leave, he literally ran into the gorgeous Jessica Mills, spilling coffee all over his new gray suit. Of course, he was furious, and the heat of the beverage seemed to scorch his skin, but when his eyes met hers, all the pain and frustration ceased. He recalled Jessica patting him down with napkins and asking the workers to help her clean up the mess she had made. Ethan assured her he was fine. Soon he convinced her to have another cup of coffee with him. She reluctantly agreed, but immediately offered to pay for his dry-cleaning bill. Nonetheless, when he estimated the possible cost, she retracted her offer and paid for his fresh cup. She even threw in a scone to sweeten the deal. Ethan remembered laughing at her sense of humor and honesty.
As he sat across the table from her that day, he admired her simple but appealing style. Ethan had been used to dating high maintenance women, who wore the latest designer clothes and shoes. Jessica, however, made simple look gorgeous. The way her burgundy scarf wrapped around her slender neck, the way her curly tresses draped her shoulders, and her jean jacket against her black shirt. She crossed her long legs that day, showing off her black leggings, which she wore beneath her knee-length jean skirt. Her neutral colored lip-gloss accentuated her full tinted pink lips, and her light makeup presented her high cheekbones to their greatest advantage. Ethan remembered not being able to take his eyes off her that day. She was a breath of fresh air compared to the women he was used to dating. Her conversation had substance. Though he was running late to work, he convinced Jessica to give him her number. He did want their time to end, but he knew he had to get to the office.
At first, the couple started with text messages, but quickly they began having long phone conversations. Ethan loved the sound of Jessica’s smooth velvet sultry voice. While he aimed to remain subtle, he knew he was falling for her the first time they met. She balanced him. He had grown up in privilege, but she came from a working-class family. Jessica appreciated the simple things and showed Ethan there was more to life than working for money. He did not notice his character flaws until he met her. Jessica seemed to cast light into areas of his life he did not know existed.
After weeks of conversing over the phone, the friendship grew into a relationship. The couple had their first date at Jessica’s favorite restaurant, Natalia’s. Ethan recalled how he wore a simple collared shirt with jeans that night, while she wore jeans and a soft pink V-neck short-sleeved shirt. They held hands for the majority of the night, for their hands seemed to fit when laced together. Moreover, when they shared their first kiss that evening, Ethan knew he wanted Jessica in his life forever. No other woman made him feel the way she did, and he did not want another woman to try.
For the next six months, they couple spent almost every weekend together. While Ethan was nervous about introducing his new girlfriend to his family, his parents quickly took to the sweet and kind Jessica. However, when he met her mother and sister, his reception was not as warm. Mrs. Mills seemed to have an issue with the affluent Ethan, even though she never admitted it to his face.
Finally, Ethan could hold his feelings in no longer. On the night of their six-month anniversary, he professed his love and proposed. To his amazement, Jessica had mutual feelings and accepted. Not wanting to wait another minute, the couple eloped that evening. Although his parents wished they could have been at the wedding, they understood Ethan not wanting to wait. Jessica’s mother, nonetheless, was furious and insisted the couple have an official ceremony. Ethan went along with the plan for Jessica’s sake, and two months later, the couple had a traditional wedding in a church followed by a reception. Though he did not see the point in having an elaborate ceremony, he never forgot how gorgeous Jessica looked as she walked down the aisle.
Like all couples, the newlyweds at first experienced pure bliss. Nights of lovemaking, sneaking away to meet each other for lunch, and long conversations on the phone just to hear the other’s voice. But before long, reality set into their lives. Ethan and Jessica began to argue more and more. Finally, he decided it was too much to handle. Then he made the biggest mistake of his life. He filed for divorce. After three years of marriage, he wanted it to be over between them. Of course, Jessica objected, but she finally agreed when there seemed to be no changing his mind.
Ethan recalled their last day in court when the judge declared their divorce final. Jessica walked out of the courtroom with a look of despair. The dark circles under her eyes showed she had not been sleeping. Though Ethan hated to see her hurt, he figured it was best they went their separate ways. On the other hand, after five months, he regretted his rash decision. From that day forward, he worked to get Jessica back. Nonetheless, it was not easy.
“What are you thinking about?” she asked.
Ethan directed his attention as she brushed her hair behind her ears. “Just thinking.”
“About what? Tell me,” she asked smiling.
“Us,” he admitted sincerely.
“You nervous?”
“Not at all.”
“Not even a little? I mean, we are getting married in a couple of days.”
“Maybe a little about the ceremony, but not about remarrying you, Jess.”
She wrapped her arms around his neck. “I love you, Ethan.”
“I love you too, Jess. I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed you saying that.”
“Maybe this time we’ll get it right. I know we’ve both made mistakes, but I don’t want to lose you. I know I said I could live without you, but I’m better when I’m with you.”
“I know I’m ten times better with you,” he responded. “We’ll get it right this time, Jess. I promise.”
“You won’t leave me?” she questioned.
“Never again,” he replied, meaning it. He kissed her again.


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