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Another Chapter Reveal of The Journal!

Again, Ethan was thankful they had repaired their relationship. Two years before, Jessica could not stand the sight of him. After the divorce, she wanted nothing to do with him, but Ethan was convinced they belonged together. He decided to devise a plan to woo her back. He started subtle. First, he showed up occasionally at her floral shop just to say hello. Then he started buying a single rose, and6 handing it to her after purchasing it. Jessica’s assistant Macy loved the gesture, but Jessica would just roll her eyes and set the rose to the side.
Then the moment came when he asked her to lunch. Reluctantly she agreed, but insisted on meeting him at the restaurant. She seemed to relax as the meal progressed, but appeared suspicious of his motives. Though he wanted to kiss her, he held back and said goodbye after they finished.
After a few months passed, Jessica seemed to warm up to him more. He stopped by her floral shop frequently just to watch her work. As he would look through the window, he regretted that he had not always supported her business. He could see she was good at her work and she made people happy, though flowers appeared like an unadorned gesture.
Another few months went by and a terrible storm came through town. It caused significant damage to Jessica’s shop, as it did the rest of the block. She had to take a loan out to repair the damages and cover the expenses. Unfortunately, when business slowed that year, she had difficulty making the payments to her bank. When Ethan found out she might lose her shop, he decided to pay off her loan, but he did not tell her.
When she found out about his philanthropy, she asked him why he had done it. He could not control his feelings, and admitted his love for her. He apologized for hurting her and sought her forgiveness. Ethan recalled Jessica’s facial expression that day. She looked flabbergasted, but before long, she embraced and kissed him. From that day, he promised he would always be there for her, and he wouldn’t desert her ever again. While Jessica wanted to take things slow between them, she admitted she was still in love with him too.
For the next two years, Ethan and Jessica repaired their once broken relationship. This time, it was different on Ethan’s part. During their first courtship, he had tried to impress her. He wanted her to see he could take care of her and that she did not have to desire for anything. The second time, he just focused on loving her. He let himself be vulnerable in their relationship and trusted Jessica to love him for him. No longer did he pretend as if he were indestructible because he was rich and successful. All he wanted was Jessica. As a man, he admitted he needed her. He decided to let go of his pride and just open his heart to her. Though had he tried do this to the first time around, he acknowledged that he had not always being genuine in his attempt. He thought being vulnerable showed weakness as a man. On the other hand, he discovered that part of being a man meant loving one woman right.
Ethan’s mind came back to reality as he and Jessica walked hand in hand along the beach back to the beach house. Once again, she rested her head on his shoulder. He breathed in the scent of her hair, which smelled of honey suckle. It seemed to envelope his senses. He could not wait until she was Mrs. Wells again, and this time it would stay that way. Upon arrival to their room, he opened the door for her. Jessica sauntered inside and plopped down on the bed. Ethan grinned at her and locked the door.
“I keep thinking I forgot something,” Jessica said.
“Like what?” he asked, as he sat beside her.
“That’s just it, I’m not sure.”
“I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”
“I just hope it has nothing to do with the wedding.”
“Me too. That would be terrible.”
“Not necessarily.”
“Why do you say that?” she asked curiously.
“If I still get to marry you, it doesn’t matter what you forgot,” he admitted.
She beamed. “You weren’t like this the first time around, Ethan. What changed? I still can’t figure it out.”
“Let’s just say I know what I have, and I’m not losing it again. I’ve made too many mistakes and I’m not making them a second time.”
Jessica rose and sat up beside him. “I feel the same way, but I’m glad we got a second chance.”
He raised an eyebrow. “So what do expect from me as a husband this time around?”
She grimaced. “I want babies.”
He grinned back. “How many?”
“As many as we want,” she responded.
“I can do that. What else, future ‘Mrs. Wells’?” he asked.
“We don’t forget about each other. I know we both have careers, but you come home to me and I come home to you. Don’t forget about me, Ethan.”
“I won’t, anything else?”
“Try to tell me you love me every day.”
“I love you.”
“That’s good Mr. Wells. You’re starting early,” she joked.
“I figured I’d practice. Anything else I should know before we say ‘I do’?”
“Don’t lose your hair. I really don’t think you’ll look good bald,” she said.
 Ethan laughed. “I can’t promise that, nor can I promise I’ll still have my toned stomach.”
“Well, we’ll work out together. Promise me?” she said
“I promise, but you haven’t promised me anything,” he replied.
“Like what?”
“You’ll always love me.”
“You won’t forget I love you.”
“I can do that.”
Ethan smiled at her enthusiasm. Then he recalled how he proposed the second time. He had planned a candlelit dinner at his place, but Jessica had a late order of flowers to finish for an anxious bride. Therefore, instead of complaining, he met Jessica at her shop and waited for her to finish. To his dismay, the heavens opened. Though they hurried to his car, they were soaked by the time they got inside. Ethan took no chances, but took the ring out his pocket.
He gave her the same round stoned diamond ring he had given her the first time. This time, nonetheless, the ring had three stones instead of one. At the sight of the ring, Jessica shrieked with shock. She questioned if it was the right thing, but Ethan assured her things would be different this time around. Then she kissed him and whispered, “Yes.”
“Anything else?” Jessica asked.
Ethan cleared his mind. “What do you mean?”
“Anything else you want me to do?” she questioned.
Ethan wrapped his arm around her waist and gently pulled her to his lap. “Just don’t forget how we feel, Jess. No matter what life throws at us, don’t pull away from me.”
She ran her fingers through his dirty blonde hair. “No matter what, Ethan, I won’t pull away.”
He planted a soft kiss upon her supple lips. “I love you, Jess.”
“I love you too, Ethan,” she answered.
He hugged her waist as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Ethan could feel his heart leap for joy. There were times when he had doubted if he would ever win Jessica back. Friends said to move on, but he was determined to fight for the love of his life. Now as he held her in his arms, he was grateful he had persevered. Despite how she fought him along the way, he found his way back to her heart a second time.
“Ethan. Wake up,” a soft angelic voice uttered.
Ethan’s eyes fluttered open and he saw his mother, Mrs. Wells standing in front of him. At first, he smiled, but when he saw the doctor walking towards him, he rose from his seat and prepared for the worst.

 The Journal (True Love Series, Book 3)
Coming January 2018!

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