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The Countdown begins!

At first, he was at a loss for words, but when he called out Jessica’s name repeatedly with no answer, he panicked. Soon a crowd gathered around him.
“What’s going on?” Mrs. Wells asked.
“Where is Jessica?” Mrs. Mills continued.
“I-I… I think she’s been in a wreck,” Ethan managed to say.
“Where? Where is she?” Brian questioned.
“All I know is she said something about Tom’s Burger Joint,” Ethan answered, as he tried to remain calm.
“Come on, man, let’s go,” Brian said.
“I’ll call the police,” Heather, Jessica’s sister responded.
Ethan felt as if he were in a dream as Brian led him to the car. It all felt like a nightmare he wished he could escape. He had just heard Jessica’s voice, and now he was on his way to see if she was still alive. As he rode in the car with Brian, his heartbeat raced faster and faster, and when they came to the corner where Tom’s Burger Joint was, Ethan gasped when he saw the scene.
He dashed out of the vehicle and ran over to Jessica’s battered car. A few spectators had gathered to see what had happened, while others were on their phones. Ethan’s footsteps seemed heavy as he walked closer and closer. When he came within a few feet, he observed Jessica. Her head was bleeding more than anything else was and she looked unconscious. Ethan’s breathing quickened.
“Jessica,” he began. “Jessica!” By that time, Brian had caught up with him and pulled him back as the police and the ambulance arrived.
“Do you know her?” a police officer asked.
“She’s his fiancée,” Brian answered on Ethan’s behalf.
Again, Ethan felt as if he were in a horrific dream. As he watched the EMTs retrieve Jessica from her car and put her into the ambulance truck, he wished he could blink his eyes and wake up from the tragic scene. It took some negotiating, but Ethan eventually convinced the EMTs to let him ride with Jessica in the ambulance, while Brian followed in the car. Ethan sat by Jessica’s side and held her hand, even though there appeared to be no life in her. As he caressed her fingers, he could not deny the fear inside his soul. Soon visions of living without her plagued his mind.
If the EMTs had pronounced her dead right there, he knew he would go insane. They had just repaired their relationship. This was supposed to be a new start for them. He had promised he would not let anything hurt her again, not even him.
The first time he had been selfish as a husband. However, he had planned this time to be the best man for Jessica. She had become part of his world. He did not want to live the rest of his life without her. Never in his life had he loved a woman with such passion, but with Jessica, it seemed easy. Loving her was as easy as breathing.
Her fingers intertwined with his felt like perfection. Her lips against his felt like heaven. Holding her in his arms was the most natural thing in the world. He did not even believe in soul mates until he met Jessica. Of course, she ruined his suit that day with her coffee, but he did not regret it for one moment.
The ambulance ride seemed like the longest moments of his life. The siren gave them to opportunity to avoid traffic and bypass the lights, but the sound made Ethan’s heart pound even harder. He closed his eyes for a second, but then reopened them because he couldn’t help but look at Jessica. He brought her hand up to his lips and kissed her scratched knuckles. 

The Journal (True Love Series, Book 3)
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